Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Bouncy Birthday

Well my daughter's 6th birthday went off without a hitch, whew! A great time was had by all. There were 18 kids in total, which doesn't include her 3 teenage aunts and uncle, who also took part in the bouncing festivities.
i have to say it was worth the hefty price tag to not have to organize every aspect of a party for so many guests. i was able to actually enjoy the party as well. I watched the kids run and bounce play and scream, and it wasn't in my house!lolol, YEAH! I loved seeing them thoroughly enjoy every minute they spent there.
I got to speak to the parents of Angie's classmates, they were all really nice and had the sweetest things to say about Angie, which every mom loves to hear.. hehe.
after they were done bouncing we all had pizza sang Happy Birthday and had some yummy cake. Nope I didn't make it myself, I had 11 people in my house that weekend and there was no way I was gonna bake my own cake. So we ordered this adorable Princess Castle cake for $45, great deal and it was yummy!It was even more special because we were able to share it with Our families. My in laws came down from N.Y to celebrate with us. So did my BFF Kimmy who is also Angie's Godmother. She was so happy to see them and share her day with them. It was so great to have both my husbands family and mine there. We got a great pic of Angelina with both of her Grandma'sA few more pics of the day.


  1. That cake is amazing. I think I'm ordering one for my birthday as well. :) I love those bouncy things, so much fun. I'm glad your daughter had a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks, Diana. She had a blast. Those things are fun! the cake was really good, maybe next year I will make one myself. I made her cake last year and it was delish, but sooo much work.

  3. Thats awesome! We have a bouncy center in my town too but its all the way across town. It is fun for sure but pricey! Following you now from Mom loop Follow Friday!

  4. I love the idea of having the party somewhere other than home. The cake looks great! Stopping from Mom Loop to follow.

  5. So fun! We had a similar birthday party for my son when he turned 5. Was nice not to need to clean up or entertain :). Stopping by from Mom Loop.

  6. We did them same type party for my stepdaughter for years 6-9. It is so convenient! And cute cake! Looks like it was fun :)


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