Tuesday, April 20, 2010

400 Bucks, for a 2hr birthday party. Am I nuts?

My daughter's sixth birthday is next month and we are planning on having it at one of those bounce house's. If you don't know what they are check it out here, http://pumpitupparty.com/.
She has been adamant on having her party there since the beginning of the school year, after being invited to one for a classmate.
Now normally we just do simple parties at home with family, but this is the first year she has had friends. We don't really know people with kids. So we thought it would be nice for her to have a big party with all her friends.
So I called in to get some info, and were kind of shocked to find out that a 2hr party for 25 kids with pizza and drinks is going to cost us over 375 bucks! This caused my husband a severe case of sticker shock.This doesn't include the cost of cake and goodie bags. So I'm rounding up and saying this is gonna cost us about 400 bucks or more, gasp.
On a positive note, this includes a party coordinator that sets up everything up for you, (decorations, ordering and serving food, ushering kids around, and my fave cleanup). I still cant help but feel kind of nuts for spending so much on a 2hr party. I do plan on making the cake myself, so that will save a little money.
This isn't something we plan on doing every year, so I hope she enjoys every minute of it. I hope to make future birthday's more personal, creative and Frugal!
I'm still looking into some ideas for the birthday cake, goodie bags and decorations. I hope to share them soon.

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