Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Charm City Cupcakes

Well I finally visited my first cupcakery over this weekend. Charm City cupcakes was my first stop on the cupcake tasting journey. I have to say they did not dissappoint. Even though I got there after they had closed up their register, the very friendly gentleman behind the counter let me purchase from what he had left in the case. Now all that was left in the display case was 1 lonely box with about 9 cupcakes in it. I brought 4, 3 vanilla with vanilla frosting, and 1 with a praline topping. Then the man behing the counter grabbed a chocolate cupcake cut it in half and told me I had to try it. Now im not a chocolate lover at all really, but i didnt want to be rude,I mean he's giving me a free cupcake. So I procedded to try it.OMG! I am still dreaming of that bad boy. It was the most moist, rich delicious piece of cake I have ever tasted. I ended up split that one cupcake 4 ways. It was hands down the best out of the four flavors I tried that day. That is saying alot since I repeat I dont like chocolate! The vanilla cupcakes were also very good, the cake to me seemed almost like a pound cake, with a very smooth, american buttercream. The one with the pralines, was just a vanilla cake with the same vanilla frosting and a small dollop of pralines on top.Personally I would have liked more praline topping. But again hands down the chocolate one they call the Pimlico takes the cake.

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